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The Exclusive Car, Truck, and Jeep Show

Join us for a purpose-driven car, truck, and jeep show! The public entrance fee is simply 2 new toys or articles of clothing per person, with public parking available for $5.00 per car. 

For those participating in the show, the entrance fee is $30.00 along with two new toys or articles of clothing. All clothing and toys collected will contribute to our Christmas in July initiative in 2024.

Your generous contribution will play a vital role ... Read more

Cruise / Rally / Car Show

This police-escorted cruise will be launched from 421 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210. All Corvettes are asked to be onsite no later that 0900, to be lined up for this cruise.  

Corvettes will cruise to 1100 Gervais street (SC Statehouse). Street in front and around the Statehouse will be closed off for Corvette only parking.  

We wil rally against Gun Violence in South Carolina and across the country.

All Corvette owners are reques... Read more

Why are we doing this event

First Lisisten this this short radio click about gun violence in South Carolina RADIO.

Please understand that Gun Violence affects all of us. No matter the race, policical, economical, or religious affilitation.

Across the country every day some one is shot and seriously injured or killed.

We believe that guns do not kill people, STUPID people with guns kill people.

We need to take the guns out of the hands of stupid people. encourage gu... Read more

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1 Reviews

Ronald Gentry

14 August 2022

14 August


This will be my first year attending the event. But so far has been very pleasant. They are doing a good job at keeping up with the latest info...


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