This years dedication

Thank you in advance for participating in the 2022 South Carolina Corvette Expo.

This Expo is dedicated to a dear friend of Mr. Bruce Trezevant, Founder and CEO of Project Unity USA, Mr. Warren Wilson.

Mr. Wilson was the catalyst for Mr. Trezevant owning his first Corvette, They were lifelong friends, who stuck together like brothers from another mother.

In 2008 Mr. Trezevant donated a kidney to Mr. Wilson. People called Bruce a hero and someone special to have given his kidney to his friend, but Bruce always gave credit to God and Warren's daughter, Ms. Sophia Wilson. Bruce often spoke of how strong she was for standing by her father during this difficult time.

Bruce told stories of how she baked cookies and cupcakes, and stood in the cold rain in the parking lot of WalMart on Two Notch road selling them to raise money to help pay for the transplant.

Mr. Warren Wilson. Mr. Wilson (Pictured above) passed away on August 12, 2021. Waren, was the proud owner of a 1989 White Corvette.

Warren always would ask Bruce to go with him to speak on the subject of organ donations. It was Warren’s wish was to bring about knowledge and importance of Kidney and Organ donation to the communities accross South Carolina.

This year we honor Mr. Warren Wilson for his bravery in the midst of the storm, and the courage to continue his wish to spread the information about organ donation to others, even though he himself was sick and struggling.

This year, we will donate the proceeds of this event to Project Unity USA to advance his wish to spread the word about the need for organ donation.

Join us as a Corvette family as we honor one of our own.

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