Customize your C-8 Engine

Customize your C-8 Engine

Customize your C-8 Engine

For those of you looking to customize your C8 Corvette’s engine bay, our friends at American Hydrocarbon are here to help! Since the introduction of the C8 Corvette, American Hydrocarbon has led the way in customizing the mid-engine Corvette’s “jewel under glass” as the Stingray’s LT2 V8 has been referred to by Chevy engineers and designers. This month, American Hydrocarbon is proud to show off these new GM officially licensed accessories which include new fluid caps featuring the C8 crossed flags and Corvette Racing “Jake” logos!

As a special treat, check out the video we shot from the NCM Bash featuring AH founder and president Pat Scorzetti showcasing many of the different engine covers, filler panels, and fluid caps that Pat was showcasing in his display. We also get a walk around with Pat of a customized C8 Corvette dedicated to Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Jeuchter featuring many of the custom parts and accessories available from American Hydrocarbon.

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GM Officially Licensed C8 Fluid Caps

American Hydrocarbon’s Corvette fluid caps for the C8 are the latest GM officially licensed products and now there are two new designs – the Jake mascot from Corvette Racing and the new C8 ZORA caps.

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