About This Event

Who are Corvettes United

Corvettes United is simply anyoone who owns a Corvette (any year, make, or model) and who is concerned about violent crimes. We encourage Corvette clubs and ow... Read more

Cruise / Rally / Car Show

This police-escorted cruise will be launched from 421 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210. All Corvettes are asked to be onsite no later that 0900, to be lined... Read more

Why are we doing this event

First Lisisten this this short radio click about gun violence in South Carolina RADIO.

Please understand that Gun Violence affects all of us. No matter the ra... Read more

Our Host Hotel

Embassy Suite 

200 Stoneridge Dr, Columbia, SC 29210

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Vendors Wanted

Would you like to be a vendor?


Great!!! All booths at 10x10 unless you are driving a food truck. No more than two vendors can serve the same item... Read more


Want to volunteer, CLICK HERE 

Want to be a participant?

If you would like to Join the Cruise, Carshow, or be a Vendor, either scan the QR code or click HERE. Once on the site click on the RSVP botton and make your ... Read more